Eyelash Extensions

Our Glue

We use top of the line glue which makes all the difference. Our glue is latex free, has less fumes, causes less irritation, and yet is the ultimate in bonding power.

Our Eyelashes

We have three different hair fibers for you to choose from: Synthetic Mink, Sable/Silk, and Volume. All of our eyelash extensions are Certified Cruelty Free. We can customize the look and feel you desire.

Our Technique

We do individual eyelash extensions which means that we attach one extension to one eyelash. No excess glue. We use lashes that fit your eyelash to ensure that your natural eyelashes aren’t damaged. Eyelash extensions are placed ½mm to 1½mm from your skin, depending on how sensitive your eyes are, to ensure ultimate comfort.

Your Options

Synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $150 or Fill $65


Thicker in appearance. Heavier and more dense than others adding a more fuller look to the base. Create a perfect curve and are more uniform looking.

Reasons to Choose:

Add glamour to special occasions such as a wedding or photo shoot. Short term wear such as honeymoon or trip. Fuller looking eyelashes. You have thick eyelashes that can handle the weight.

Sable / Silk Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $200 or Fill $85


They are medium weight. Finer, more flexible, and tend to last a bit longer than Synthetic Mink. Variety of curls and lengths for a much more natural look.

Reasons to Choose:

You have thinner or weaker eyelashes. Want a more natural look that lasts a bit longer than Synthetic Mink. Great for brides or other photo shoots because they are full and long yet still very natural looking.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $250 or Fill $125


They range from light weight to ultra-light weight.  Variety of curls and length to create a multi-dimensional look.  Gives a fluffy, full appearance.

Reasons to Choose:

Great for brides, those with thinning lashes, and those who love dramatic lashes.  Look can range from full to dramatic.